Friday Again!

Good to see the sun during the day and it felt a bit warmer than the last couple of days.  Maybe it’s psychological!

Roll on spring!

Some twists and turns in yesterday’s World Bowls matches weren’t there?  Katherine Rednall goig down heavily in the first set, although neither she nor Cerianne had their best games.  Katherine upped the anti in the second set but the highlight (I thought) was the tie-break!  27 years old and winner of the Ladies Match Play 5 times.  WOW. Katherine is definitley in the right sport for her.

Darren Burnett was struggling against Paul Foster.  With the running bowls coming as early as the 5th end in the first set, it just looked like he couldn’t find the drawing weight so resorted to other shots, a bit liek Cerianne.

No one looked particularly comfortable out there.  Maybe they’re tired?  Anyway, four big quarter-finals to go on today.  Let’s hope the ties live up to the audience’s expectations!



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