Wayne Willgress v Jamie Walker – What a Match!

I didn’t watch anything else last night bar the Wilgress v Walker match.  Wow, Wow, WOW!  What a match.! A Great quarter-final with amazing drawing shots and a selection of running, tactical bowls.  If you didn’t see it, watch on YouTube as it will be well worth it.  That’s the standard of bowls that we want to see and learn from.

Were the other quarters as fine?

Today’s semis are a mixture of the Open and Under 25s .  They should all be good matches.

In the National Ladies Under 25s (at Nottingham I think), Yaz Hassan from Egham takes on Rebecca Morley from St Neots in the quarter-final this afternoon.  We wish her the best of luck!

More locally, we’ve got an Aussie Pairs at the club this afternoon which should be a lot of fun.  It’ll certainly be a chance to put in some sparkling draw shots now that we’ve seen how to do it …. and consistently!

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  1. Jean Staples says:

    Your right Dawn the Willgress V Walker game was one of the best that’s been shown! Superb draw and over drawn bowling at its best ! Dawes was also excellent V Gorlay ! Chelsea playing Liverpool today so I think watching that will be preferred !! Good luck with today & tomorrows games – enjoy !

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