Thursday at the Nationals and It’s the Turn of the Solos!

A brilliant effort by the CP girls saw them into the quarter-final on Wednesday afternoon. They were holding their own until just over the halfway point when Hereford stepped up a gear and took the match 17-14. Our girls won the final end, so went out in a high!

in the Junior Boys Singles, Ollie Shesring is through to the quarter-finals  Brilliant!  He plays today as well

Today, the Two Bowl Single competitors take to the greens. First up is Hannah Hollis from Bush Hill Park v Cambs, next Dawn plays the winner from a Notts v Berkshire. (I am hoping to play considerably better than in the County Final in which drawing through a barn would have been difficult that day!)

Ashley Tanner from Ashford plays mid morning v Northants and Tom Bishop from Paddington takes on one of the Somerset entries at lunchtime.
if you scan down the entries in both comps, you could be name-dropping international players right, left, centre, top and bottom. No pressure on the Middlesex entrants.
With only 2 bowls, you have to find your lines on the green almost instantly otherwise the match is over in a flash. 21 ends max or you have to concede if there are not enough ends to beat the opponent with the amount of bowls left.

Well the four of us will head to the greens being confident on the outside , if not inside.


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