Great Middlesex Pairs Win This Morning

Well done to the 2 Ps (Peter Twells & Peter Judge) who beat Jason Lyttle & Dave Baxter from Century this morning.  They came from 4 shots behind on the 13th end to win on the 21 end by 4 shots to gain a place in the South Area semi-final.  The heads were pretty hot on every end changing hands within the ends. Our boys went ahead 14-13 on the 16th end.  I think if Jason and Dave (both tried) had one of their running bowls making contact with Peter J’s bowls, maybe the game would have gone the other way.  However, it didn’t and the boys should be proud of themselves on a very good win!

Once Andy H & WIlliam have played Peter Wilcock & partner (also from Century), we will know if Cambridge Park are guaranteed one finalist.  Go boys, go!


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