Grit and Determination Win the Day

Or rather, win the match.

Hotfoot from the Men’s O60’s Double Rink in Bromley, Hounslow pair Paul C & Colin H returned to take on Andy H & Will in the Middlesex Men’s Pairs at CP.  When most of us arrived for the Tuesday night leagues,  our chaps were 8-19 down.  They crept up to 13-19 with a handful of ends to go.  Some brilliant draws at the fonrt end, scuppered by Paul C as he came in with a selection of shots to change the head, then Andy drew in again and our boys were 2 shots behind with a couple of ends to go.  Will put in three beauties and all was looking well for CP, but Paul brilliantly killed the end. Another end passed and our boys were ahead.  Wow! Colin upped his game and the Hounslow Pair were holding match when Andy sneaked in with shot. ( What do you mean, were we concentrating on our league games?  No, we weren’t donig that 100%!)  The gap between the bowls to get Andy’s shot bowl out was just too narrow for Paul and Andy & Will took the game to a round of applause for all four players – but mainly our two!

It was a great comeback and was definitely worth not giving up when they were so far behind.  Well done!  Good luck in the next round.


On a completely un-related note, there are now spray chalks and measures in the shop to purchase if you need them.


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One comment

  1. Andy H says:

    Thanks Dawn

    It was a good game with both sides playing well,
    Glad we stayed at it and the result went our way,
    I believe we now play the pair who took out Steve and Mike so we will do our best for both us and C.P ??.
    (Plus Glen knocked me out of the singles )

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