Hooray for Indoor Bowls!

Waking up to black skies and rain pelting down on the skylights, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the indoor starts today with morning rolls from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm Monday to Friday.  Matches and Leagues will start in October at some point to be advised.

When you go indoors, just remember to caress the carpet as you release the bowl on a much wider trajectory than outdoor grass, then there’s a good chance of it not flying into the ditch!  It can be a tricky transition but still fun!

For those rolling up this morning, there is sherry trifle left in the fridge if you would like some.  Please ask Jane.

Gordon reported from Saturday’s match

The men did win 100-68 but that doesn’t tell the story of a very competitive afternoon with plenty of good hearted banter.

The ‘Witch’s Cat’ Spider was a great success, the Ladies winner was Joan and Barry won the Gents and £40 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Research.  Thank you.

Gym, Brian C, Roy and Anthony took top rink for the chaps.  Well done to them.

The whole afternoon was a team effort from the early arrival of Roy to swish and lay out the green to the team work in the Kitchen to produce a very tasty meal.

As Men’s captain I was very pleased with the spirit the match was played in.

Thanks, Gordon.  Lucy’s report to follow

Have a good Monday!

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