The Day Went with Fun and a Flourish!

There haven’t been any formal match reports from the Captains yet, but I gather the chaps won on this occasion.  Well done to them.

Texts received “We lost, but we had a lot of fun”.  “We lost by miles but it was a really good afternoon”  “The first of the game was ours.  We had them worried”

and from Jane

A huge thanks to Beryl, Margaret and Ann M for all their hard work in preparing and laying out the post match food and a huge thanks to Cathy T for working with me behind the bar at the busiest time after the match and then to do the pan cleaning.  We would have really struggled without such hard work, supported by Jacquie E.  With help from you and Ange (on Friday) it was a true team effort.

I saw Beryl and Margaret in the car park and they said it was a very good afternoon and “we were thanked and praised for our efforts”.  I also George who was very excited to be taking a large bowl of Sherry Trifle home as well!

Well done to everyone, which includes all the bowlers of course, as without the members, it wouldn’t have been an event at all!

Thank you.

For the record, Mike C & I lost the Mixed Pairs Final.  We started well, the dropped off in the middle losing 1 or 2, then dropped a 5 on about the 12th end.  Not a good time to try and catch up.  Tony Waller & Rose Mayo played better but we certainly didn’t disgrace ourselves!

Mike, Dave P and Laurie are all playing in South Middlesex competition finals today at Fordbridge Park.  Play starts at 9.30 am and the weather is going to be warmer than yesterday, so I’m sure they would appreciate your support.

Meanwhile at CP, Di S and Dawn are playing the 2020 Club Ladies Singles Final.  The winner goes into the National Champion of Champions, the entry for which has to be in by tomorrow, hence the last minute match fixture.

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