Hot, Hot, Hot

Ok, well I did run for the bus but it’s definitely warm, warm, warmer out today. It’s wet underfoot so watch out for those pesky, slippery leaves.

You may also need an umbrella!

Last week of leagues before Christmas and roll ups continue each morning as usual.
On Tuesday 27th, it’ll be just a normal morning roll up without cottage pie and Prosecco.
On New Year’s Eve at 2:00 pm, there’s a roll up and everyone is welcome. Get those limbs moving before you head off to those wild parties (Oh, those were the days!)

Tina, Mike, Lucy and I are off to Potters today for the Champion of Champions Week. The finalists get to play the final on the portable rink during the World Championships. That would be something, wouldn’t it?  We will do our best and update you on progress.

Whether bowling, shopping or just doing normal activities, have a good week.

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