Indoor Season Up and Away!

With a fantastic turnout of 28 on Saturday afternoon as well as the regular midweek morning roll ups and the odd evening roll ups, the indoor season is definitely under way!

There is still time to join a league team so let David Hale know if you’re looking to join in.  Leagues are on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, Thursday afternoons and the possibility of a Tuesday afternoon depending on numbers

There are sign up sheets for roll ups, mixed friendlies and National team comps up on the noticeboard , so sign up if you’re available.

If you’re fairly new to bowls, still put your name up as it’s a great way of learning more about the game – how and why particular shots are chosen and the outcomes. Some will give ‘oh wow’ and others will give ‘oo-ouch’ results!  It’s also a great way of meeting and playing in a team with other club members .

This afternoon, it’s the first mixed friendly of the season away against King George Field. Good luck to Kevin and his team!

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