It’s Eurovision Night!

Are you a fan? I think it was more interesting in the days with Terry Wogan’s wonderful commentary (how could we forget that?!);, less entries; and when Colin Berry appeared to be announcing the British results from the middle of the Thames!  Of course that is probably 30-40 years ago

The whole contest has changed somewhat since then but its popularity is still strong and no doubt there will be several parties across the country tonight.

We wish Sam Ryder with Spaceman well. He is high in the bookie states. Anyone put a bet on?

Ukraine seems to be all out favourite, not just because of their entry.

OJ Borg was chatting to Katrina (of the waves fame, who won Eurovision 25 years ago) and she and her partner have a basket of socks ready. If there’s a song they don’t like, they throw socks at the tv!  What a great idea and not just for song contests!

Enjoy your evening whatever you’re watching. My son is in Big Fish with Gloc Musical Theatre at Questors so I’ll be heading off there tonight.

See some of you later on or around the green when we play Ashford in the R&B league this afternoon at the Club.

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