It’s Not Cricket .. or Is It?!

I recently saw a FB post from one of my brother’s prep school friends saying they were playing in a celebration game of Walking Cricket at Lords.

Walking Cricket?  Must be great for batsmen that can hit 4’s and 6’s and a nightmare for fielders, who presumably have to speed walk to field the ball.

Anyway, Walking Cricket came to the outskirts of Ripon yesterday and my brother and wife had a go.  They enjoyed it.  However, the tutor from Barnsley said they should be careful if they ever played against Wakefield.  “If you fall over in a game there, one of their players comes up to you and measures you.  He’s an undertaker!”

Have any of you tried Walking Cricket?  Is there anywhere around here that does it, not that any of us will have time once the outdoor season starts.

Great to see lots of names up for the Green Prep morning of Friday 26th April.  The more the merrier.

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