Late Post Today – Go the Bottom of the Class!

Tuesdays are always a rush as it’s recycling day so an added task before getting to the office at 8.00 am.  It comes around every week, so I don’t know why it comes as a surprise!

There was a brilliant turnaround with Devon Cooper v Julie Forrest yesterday.  When they were on opposite sides in the Mixed Pairs on Sunday, Julie outplayed Devon by quite a long way.  Yesterday seemed to start in the same vein, then Devon got a couple close in the second set and whoosh, she was off.  Very good game.

I’m not sure what happened to Rob Paxton but whatever it was, it must have been bad for him to concede.  Hopefully he’ll be ok for the Mixed Pairs final this afternoon.  Jack Bird, however, did play some amazing bowls.

The Open Pairs Final saw brilliant play from Mark Dawes and Greg Harlow.  Both had outstanding games but Jamie played better in the second set onwards and poor Ellen didn’t have her best day.  I gather she was injured and she wasn’t her normal self.  Hopefully the singles she was due to play v Katherine Rednall will be rescheduled.

Either way, we send both Robert and Ellen our best wishes.


Today’s Games:

Three lots of Open Singles

10.00  am Perry Martin v Mark Royal (both Eng) – Perry won the first set.

1.00  pm (check time!)  Mervyn King v Mark Dawes  (both Eng)

7.30  pm Wayne Willgress (Eng) v Paul Foster (Scot)


Carla Banks (Scot) & Robert Paxton (Eng) v Julie Forrest & Stewart Anderson (both Scot)


Good to hear that more of you have had your first vaccinations.  Poor Ray P had to drive from Ashford to Wembley (not exactly close but an essential journey!)  for his jab but he reported all went well.

Kevin K has reported his first decent night’s sleep since he returned from hospital and other stats looking good, so a step in the right direction.  Keep it up Kevin but don’t overdo it.


For those of you who remember Dad, he would have been 103 today  He would have enjoyed this week (as would Mum) with both cricket and bowls on television!

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