Wednesday and Mixed Viewing Today

Some more great matches  yesterday.  I missed all but the tie break of Mervyn King and Mark Dawes yesterday but Ann Bamber reported from West Molesey that it was a great match all the way through!  She is thoroughly enjoying watching but like the rest of us would rather be playing.  Perry Martin had a good win over Mark Royal.   Perry is another one with a fierce drive.  If you’re playing well, the luck of the green goes with you.  Made me feel rather sorry for Mark.

The Mixed Pairs was a bit mixed but still a great game.  Stewart Anderson is really on form at the moment.

Wayne Willgress had the best win of his career against Paul Foster last night.  A fantastic draw taking him to 3 up when he was well down in the set was the turning point.

If you can access Podcasts from anywhere – your phone, Alexa, etc. do listen to “How to Wow” with Judy Murray.  She is such an inspiration.  Her autobiography was great but listening to her and how she approached ‘coaching’ was great and how we should look at bringing on new bowlers.

For those of you doing your bits of exercising at home, she says she uses “The Happy Mile” or “Happy 4 Miles” etc music mixes and splits her hour into 10 minute sessions as doing a full hour “is boring”!  So maybe something we can all look at doing ?  10 minutes isn’t that long (unless you’ve just taken up skipping again!).

Today’s matches which I believe are all viewable on the BBC red button if you’re not watching on Facebook or YouTube:

10.00 am  Stewart Anderson (Scot) v Daniel Salmon (Wales) – any relative of Dick & Di?

12.45 pm ?  check timing again – Ladies Singles Semi-Final with Devon Cooper v Katherine Rednall

3.00 pm   Jack Bird plays Simon Skelton (both Eng) – live on BBC2

4.30 pm  The Inaugaration of President Joe Biden – should be very different from previous inaugurations with the restriction of numbers

7.30 pm  Ladies Singles Semi-Final with Rebecca Willgress (Eng) taking on Laura Daniels (Wales)


Did anyone spot the cardboard cutout of Judy Potter in her usual seat yesterday?  She’s known for her jackets.  It was pale yellow yesterday.  Wonder what colour today’s will be.  Good to see that even in cardboard she is taking the government guidelines of face coverings seriously!

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