The Championships are Hotting Up!

I hope you all managed to see  a bit more of the matches than I did yesterday.  I’d better not comment about how well they’re playing as it nearly put the KoD on Stuart Anderson yesterday!  Katherine Rednall came through with a good win, as did Simon Skelton.  Neither Devon Cooper nor Jack Bird managed to capture their form from the previous rounds, which was a shame.  Laura Daniels did well to come out of the other ladies’ semi-final in the tie break, with Rebecca Willgress being very unlucky not to win that second tie break end.  The commentators helpfully said at the beginning of the evening match that most players don’t play as well in the second set at night because of the temperature changes.  There have been some odd comments.  I quite liked “Well it’s just a draw either hand.  There’s nothing else on. (pause)  OK, well he’s playing a running shot.”   Everyone’s an expert!!

So today, please check timings as they were still a bit out yesterday.  I will try and put the link across to our Facebook page as the matches start.  It’s not terribly easy from a phone I’ve discovered!

10.00 am  Julie Forrest plays Greg Harlow in the Open Singles.

12.45 pm ish  Alex Marshall faces Katherine Rednall – interesting scheduling as at

3.00 pm  Katherine Rednall plays Laura Daniels in the Ladies Final.  (Odd as that might constitute playing on the same rink before a match.)

7.30  pm  David Gourlay plays Jason Greenslade.

The winners of the Open Singles today go into the Quarter Finals tomorrow.

Judy Potter’s cutout was pink yesterday.  Any guesses for today?  Blue?  Green?  Multicoloured?  Cream?


Margaret B is  happy to have any washed standard size jam/pickle jars you no longer need.  She is planning a bumper jam/marmalade/pickle production for the Centenary.

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  1. Kevin Keown says:

    I still have one of Margaret’s large Kilner Jars which I have now emptied of pickles and it is currently soaking in the sink.
    I am sure Margaret will need this so she can fill it with her lovely pickled onions and I can then buy them back from her!
    Please can you let me know how I can get this jar to her, bearing in mind current restrictions and my current circumstances?
    Many Thanks,

    Kevin K

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