London & Southern Counties – Admin Help Wanted

From John Harriyott – Vice Presdient – London & Southern Counties Bowling Association

Prior to the pandemic we at London & Southern Counties Bowling Association were building up our Indoor range of competitions.

The aim being to bring then up to the quantity and quality of our renowned Outdoor competitions.

Those of you that have been involved will know that our current President, Tony Plater, has been the driving force behind its growth.

However Tony’s health is such that this seasons competition may well be the last that he will be able to organise.

To put it bluntly, we need a man or woman that is keen on competitive Indoor bowls, to step forward and join us.

We do have an established framework for the competitions. We already have many clubs entering the competitions.

We also have active executives that work well together and do help each other.

What we do need is someone to take on the running of the Indoor competitions and develop them for the future.

It could be you be a person within your club

London & Southern Counties Bowling Association have been around for over 125 years and we want to extend our Indoor bowls competitions up to the lofty heights of our Outdoor competitions.

Please do what you can to help us succeed.


John Harriyott

Vice President London & Southern Counties Bowling Association.


Interested, want to take the next step, good, then email or call me : 01825 761108

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