The sun broke through mid morning (which it doesn’t like it will do today) and we had a good afternoon with the players from Chertsey, some of whom were new to indoor bowling.

Lots of banter on the Staples v Twells rink, not only that, they had some very close heads with both skips having to pull out many stops to wrestle the jack away from the opposition!

Gym’s rink had a slow start but after about 6 ends, they found their turbo jet and shot off into the lead with their opposition bravely chasing and reducing the shot difference over the last few ends.  Ann’s rink started well, then promptly dropped a 5 then a 4 (oops) and slipped behind.  We gave ourselves a good talking to in our heads and made our way back into the lead – thanks to Ann on quite a few ends – and ended up with top rink.

George’s team were bringing up the rear for the whole game on rink 2  and were 3 down going into the last end.  Someone shouted across “You only need 4 this end! Ha, ha!”  Eileen B, Steve P, Joan O’N saw that challenge and raised it by one to score 5, thereby winning 20-18.  The morale of the story … Never give up!

This morning, Peter T’s Mixed Four of Kevin K, Di and Ange take on Dawn’s Mixed Four of Laurence, Tina & Mke at 10.00 am.  If you’re reading this at the club right now – you’ve forgotten to put your clocks back.  We’ll be there in just under the hour!

Good to see Reg joining Bernard, Terry and Ann and later Steve and Norman in the spectator ranks along with Peter T’s brother and supporter.

Thanks to Jane for running bar all afternoon.  We’ll be doing it all again v Shopland Select at 2.00 pm today.

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