Longer Slots from Monday?

With the addition of Pairs and Triples play being permitted, we intend to increase the playing slot times to 2 hours as from Monday.  Just keep an eye out when booking in case the start times change slightly.  If there is a 30 minute difference to what has already been booked, we’ll contact you.

Ann & Archie are doing well and the radishes are coming along a treat, apparently.  (Very good with Scotch Eggs and Mustard at cricket matches, I have been told!)

Hampton is up and running.  How about the other clubs?  Any news?

Gerry, Reg & Brian C were down watching earlier in the week and I hope some others of you are enjoying being able to sit and watch now.

You’ll be very pleased to know I’ve been well and truly fumigated.  The flat anyway!  The decluttering and emptying of the flat has occupied rather a lot of ‘home’ time over the last 3 weeks and I now have to declutter again (how can one accumulate so much stuff?!) when putting everything back into wardrobes, bookcases and cupboards.  It makes the “Sock-gate” drawer tidying at the beginning of lockdown seem like a piece of cake!

Hope to get out on the bowls green soon and enjoy it – especially when all the National Indoor Comps forms have been submitted (by Sunday 7th).


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