Is it Friday Again Already? Surely Not!

I’m sure the weeks are not flying by for everyone and I’m sorry if that is the case.  What happened to the warm, sunny weather?  It’s distinctly chilly in the office even though I am wearing a fleece again!

For all you avid gardeners out there, it does look as if you can lay off the watering for a couple of days but after that, you’ll have to get out the lawn mower and whatever you use to  take out the weeds as they will be having a growth spurt and probably overtaking the flowers!


News from Ann B is that Strawberry Hill are hoping to start up soon.  They’ve had to submit a report to the Council for permission to open which has now been given.  They are now getting all their signs and paperwork ready.

Kevin K wrote :  “We started playing at Hampton the week before last and people are gradually coming on board, maybe up to 19 players have played or intend to soon. Hugh has sent latest MCBA/BE instructions out to all our members who have email, so we expect more players to join in soon.
4 of us plan to play a pairs roll up next Tuesday, progress indeed!

Keep safe and well and please send our regards to all at Cambridge Park.”

We’re sending our regards back to Hampton and Strawberry Hill.  If any of the clubs up and running fancy a Pairs or Triples challenge on a different green, I think some of us would be up for that.  No clubhouse facilities as yet but as long as everyone knows that they have to take their own beverage and remembers to take their own disinfectant and hand gel, we should be ok.


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