And Now It’s Monday Again!

I realised that I had such a full weekend that I didn’t post anything on here!  That was very remiss of me.

Ange, Laurence, Dave P & I played a challenge Mixed Pairs match on Saturday morning.  It was very close with only one shot in it after 21 ends (YESSSSS – guess who won?!).  However, it was also extremely wet!  I went off to do a bit of shopping and was so cold when I got home, I had to have a hot shower.  I gather Jean put her central heating back on Saturday too.  Norman wouldn’t have been cold.  Did you see the Cheese Scones that he made on his and our Facebook pages?  They looked absolutely delicious.  I think he might get an order coming his way!

At least the wind had died down yesterday although it wasn’t exactly warm.    On the radio this morning, it was said that Wednesday would be the worst day this week.  Whether that is regards weather, shopping deals, poor tv programmes or what, I’m not sure!

The green bookings are coming along nicely with the two hour playing slots available from today.

Laurence has thrown down the gauntlet to Mike C to see if Bishop Duppas can put up 3 triples to play against CP on Saturday afternoon.  It’ll be bring your own sandwich and drink but should be fun.  If Mike can’t get triples out, we’ll do pairs.  I have no idea who is on the radar for the CP team.

On Sunday morning Geraldine & Richard H and I are taking on Hampton’s Kevin K, Richard D & AN Other.  It’s a good way of trying out the triples with 5 different households.  Pairs is easy to manage with the social distancing and with triples the No.2’s will probably need to stand off the green on their respective sides until it is their time to bowl, then swap with the leads.  Rinks are still not allowed but maybe if the social distancing outdoors is reduced to 1m, we might be able to play that format in another few weeks.  We’ll just have to be patient.

George H rang on Friday night.  He had hurt his leg but will be coming down to see if he can bowl.  It was too cold at the weekend though.

Ray P is off for his op this week.  Good luck from all of us, Ray. x

Dentists are opening up shortly too.  They already wear face masks.  More difficult it you’re the patient!

In Seoul, you have to wear face masks out of doors but can go and eat in restaurants, so their indoor social distancing must have been reduced or you’d need a mighty big table.

We have some litter pickers and you could almost play cards if each player had one of those!  Any other ideas of how everyday games/activities can be achieved.  It doesn’t matter if they seem ridiculous – more fun that way.

Keep your news coming in.  We need something to help us get through a few more weeks of lockdown fever.

In the meantime, don’t forget to keep handwashing.  That still seems to be a key feature in keeping the virus at bay.  Stay alert and stay street savvy if you go out.


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