Useless Lockdown Trivia

As I haven’t had much news back from you, here’s a bit of useless trivia which won’t even come up in a pub quiz!

Since lockdown, in the absence of 6 weeks of indoor bowling followed by 4-6 weeks of outdoor bowling, I have walked 500.8 miles and probably taken around 2,501 photos of which 501 are probably of Richmond Lock Bridge!  (It is very photogenic at all times of the day.)

I’ve had one of the photos made up into a 1000 piece jigsaw (see below).  The jigsaw is complete and was dispatched through DHL to arrive on 29th May.  No card through the door and the tracking still states it is going to be delivered by 2 June.  Clicked on another link and it now says December delivery.  Oh well, I suppose it will make a good Christmas present!

Richmond Lock Bridge – 30 April 2020
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  1. Steve says:

    Well done,will have to look at my history to see what mileage I’ve also done during same period as you,and photo is great I’m sure you’ll enjoy putting it back together whenever they decide to deliver LOL

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Have you checked out your mileage yet, Steve?
      Re jigsaw. I managed to get through to Customer Services who assured me it was going to be delivered by 2nd June. “Er, um, do you know what the date is today?”
      Anyway, he was very helpful in the end and said if it hadn’t arrived by Friday, to let them know and they would re-print and send AND they refunded the postage immediately.
      With Plusnet also giving me a £10 credit for loss of service and delay in sending the updated router, it seems like a better week than the last few have been! To top the week off, it’s triples on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Whoopee!
      Great to see more people booking rinks. Just need the sun to show up as well.

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