Middlesex Ladies at Cambridge Park in May!

So, it’s stopped raining, the sun is almost trying to come out; the daylight hours are getting longer; the hyacinths are breaking free from their green sheaths and I gather the snowdrops are out in Kew Gardens.  We have to battle through another month of lockdown – and February is always a hit-and-miss month regards weather (like November) – but spring is heading our way!

Late spring – Sunday 2nd May to be precise, the Middlesex Ladies Johns Trophy & Walker Cup squad trials will be on the green at Cambridge Park at 10.00 am.  Bacon and sausage butties will be available to purchase beforehand for players, managers, selectors and members.  So, get the date in your diary as it will be a good chance to see other members even if we’re still at 2m distancing.

The Johns Trophy team for Saturday 5th June will be gracing our green again and hopefully, if the Walker Cup team beat Oxfordshire at the end of May, they will be back at Cambridge Park to play Sussex on 27th June.


Brenda D is also looking forward to spring as she will probably have had her second vaccination by then and her garden will be awaiting new planting of vegetables and flowers and, of course, more weeding!  Joan O’N is also planning her planting as she walks the mile around her garden every day.  We all need something to look forward to and housework goes to the back of the queue when there are things to do outside and reconnect with nature.  Reconnecting with the grass of the bowling green along with our family and friends are other things to which are all looking forward to!  Personally I cannot wait!

The RSPB have their Bird Count Watch this weekend, so get those feeders filled and up today or tomorrow so the birds realise there is some food available.  I’ll post more details tomorrow with a link to the form.  It involves one hour in a comfy chair looking out of the window watching and counting the various bird species.  My feeders seem most popular an hour or so before dusk – at the weekends anyway.  I’m not sure what they get up to midweek when I’m at work!


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