Good Newsy Update from Kevin K

Kevin emailed yesterday.  You will remember that he spent nearly a fortnight in hospital battling Covid.


I don’t know if you read or viewed the article on the use of Oximeters for monitoring the %age of oxygen in your blood last Wednesday on the BBC. Well when I was discharged from hospital, 2 weeks ago the day before yesterday, I was given an Oximeter and details on how to download and use an App on my phone to communicate my oxygen level (very important), pulse rate and also my temperature on a twice daily basis. These would be monitored on a virtual basis by a Team at West Middx., in turn freeing up a bed for someone else not well enough to be discharged.

I got a call from a Doctor in the “Virtual” Team nearly every other day checking how I was and then last Wednesday 20th January a member of the Team called me and told me I don’t have to measure my oxygen level etc. anymore and I am discharged from the Virtual Ward.

I am officially a “Covid Success Story”. As I expect you can imagine I was a bit emotional when I was told this, probably one of the most unique but wonderful phrases I have ever heard in my life!

She went on to say that, because of my age(!!) it may be up to 6 weeks before I fully recover. I am gradually increasing my exercise, but the snow and ice the last couple of days has made it a bit challenging.

My objective is to be up and running (a figure of speech) well before the start of the Outdoor Bowls season. Maybe even get a few games in Indoors, subject to Covid restrictions of course.

Keep Safe & Well.




I don’t know about the rest of you but Kevin’s news from the hospital makes me emotional too!  Hats off to Kevin and the NHS.  We love you all

I didn’t see the programme on oximeters – did any of you see it?  Interesting post about the gadget and a link to a programme on BBC Sounds.


Isle of Wight Ron is looking for a lightweight treadmill, so if anyone has one lurking in their garage which hasn’t seen the light of day for months/years, please let me know.


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