Well Done, Mark! What a Time to Hit a Real Purple Patch!

Well it was a very well deserved win of the World Championships.  It didn’t matter what Greg did as Mark just came back another bowl even better.

I thought the shot in the second end when Greg was holding 4, then Mark’s running bowl hit the target but cruelly dribbled through to take the shot, summed it all up really!  Mark could have bowled through his legs backwards and drawn to the jack in this match.  It’s great for you when it happens but somewhat soul destroying for the opponent.  All you can do is hold your hands up and congratulate the winner, knowing that tomorrow is another day.

When I left home yesterday morning, it was chilly.  Within 5 minutes it started snowing and after dropping off Greek Christmas cards to the Chairman and Director’s homes, I came back via Marble Hill Park and the club

Sunday 24th January 2021 1

And there was one lonely spectator …..

PS Burns Night is tonight and we were going to celebrate with bowls tournament this coming weekend.  We’re not now – unsurprisingly!  Hope the Scottish contingent manage to get their haggis and perform the necessary rituals as shown by David A and Jeanett S in 2020!

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