Sunday 24th January at 1.50 pm on BBC2 … The World Championships Final

Thanks to another of our home reporters, Ann D, who spotted the semi-final was starting at 1.05 pm yesterday.  Ann has also noted that the Final starts at 1.50 pm today, so make sure you’ve finished your lunch in good time to settle down with a tea/coffee for what should be a great match.

The semi-final was ok, wasn’t it?  Just not the exciting match we were anticipating.  Did anyone else notice that in the second set (not sure about the first), Greg was changing the jack length on every end thereby preventing David getting into a rhythym?  You have to feel very confident to do that so that it doesn’t affect your own game.

I’m sure Mark Dawes will have had a practice yesterday but it won’t have had the same adrenaline as a semi-final, so it maybe be harder for him.  Having said that, he’s a professional with a great run in the World Championships.

(Sometimes I have to look twice and make sure it’s not our own David Hale out there. Do you think he and Mark look alike?)

We’ve seen “Judy Potter” in pink, yellow, multi-coloured and cream jackets.  What are your guesses for the final outing?


We have Burns Night to look forward to next weekend.  Any suggestion for topics between now and then?

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