World Championships – Semi-Final Day – Just the One!

After disappointing news that both Wayne Willgress and Perry Martin had tested positive for Covid in the Friday morning test, it meant their quarter-final became void and put Mark Dawes straight into Sunday’s final.  The quarter-final is the furthest either of the players have reached in this tournament, so they must be absolutely devastated.  We wish them both well.  All players, officials and those working at the event are tested daily.    Both players were in the same bubble and none of the other players have tested positive, so it’s a bit of a mystery.

Greg managed a good win against Stewart Anderson.  I missed most of the match as I had to be in assisting in the Comms room!  Our non-roving reporter Ann B, and our other stay-at-home reporter George H both said that it was a really good match played to a very high standard.  Certainly the last two tie break ends had some amazing shots!

Greg now faces David Gourlay, who put out Katherine Rednall in another superb match.  As Ann said, Katherine’s ability to play a hard running shot then a spot-on draw with the next, shows her great ability, talent and focus.  I am sure David was very pleased to secure a win.   He had a superb draw when Katherine was holding 3 towards the end of the second set.  If he hadn’t got in with that, Katherine would have had a fairly unbeatable lead!

With no morning nor lunchtime match today, Greg and David play in the second afternoon slot, so this will probably be about 3.00 pm.  If anyone hears anything different, please post a comment.

The Final is on Sunday afternoon at 2.00 pm.  What are we all going to watch next week?  Cricket?  Golf?  The Australian Open isn’t on until February!

More and more of you have reported having had your first jab.  I think you’ve all been going to different venues, so at least Cambridge Park Members won’t be accused of having a rave!  It was reported that 200 people at a vaccination centre were involved in a religious rave !


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