Mixed Drawn Triples and World Indoor Bowls

Today sees the quarter-final and semi-finals of the Club Mixed Drawn Triples 2022.  Play starts at 9.30 for the quarter-final and 2.00 pm for the semi-finals.

Equally as exciting is the bowls from Potters with the semi-finals of the Under 25 Singles as well as the semi-finals of the Open Singles.  Watch on the BBC red button/BBC2/Facebook/YouTube.

I caught the Paul Foster/Michael Stepney quarter-final on catch up last night.  What a great game by Michael Stepney.  He was so close!  Did y ou ear that he lives in Elkin so it was a nigh on 600 mile drive to Potters and not much less for Paul Foster!

William Moulton playing this morning won the Under 25 in 2019.  When there was an inter-county double rink that Cambridge Park hosted later that year, William was on one of the playing sides.  A nice young man and a bloomin’ good bowler!

England and Scotland represented in all of today’s matches apart from young Lyndon Sham from Hong Kong.  We hope he and all the others play well.  Big games for all the players regardless of previous experiences in the World Bowls Tour.


Morning: (from 09:00am)

U25 Singles – GB-ENGWilliam Moulton vs GB-SCTDaniel Pool (Semi-Final (U25SF1))
HKLyndon Sham vs GB-SCTDarren Weir (Semi-Final (U25SF2))

Afternoon: (from 01:30pm)

Open Singles – GB-ENGWayne Willgress vs GB-SCTPaul Foster MBE (5) (Semi-Final (SSF1))
GB-ENGLes Gillet (6) vs GB-SCTAlex Marshall MBE (15) (Semi-Final (SSF2))

Evening: (from 07:30pm)

U25 Singles – Winner U25SF1 vs Winner U25SF2 (? FINAL (7.30PM))

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