Monday 29th March – Step 1, Part 2

Well, we’re another step closer to meeting friends with groups up to 6 people or 2 households (if that makes more than 6) being able to meet outside.  Only another 14 days until we can sit outside for a meal which someone else has cooked and someone else will wash up.  Can’t wait!

I am sure we have some happy golfers as the courses open today as do outdoor swimming pools.  If the temperature is soaring to 24C tomorrow, I’m sure it will be tempting.  For those clubs with artificial grass or outdoor carpet, they can return to bowling.  I played on outdoor carpet down near Southampton a few years ago.  You have to play with much more green than normally outdoors but less than of indoors.  It took a few ends to get my head around it!

Work continues on the green.  Trevor scarified last week and took 4 cwt of thatch away.  He has been treating the moss which has been in abundance this year due to the wet weather.  While his colleague deeply spiked the green on the machine, Trevor was taking on the back breaking work of removing the moss on the tops of the back.  You can see the difference from the photo.  Gym has been down several times over the last couple of weeks and has completely cleaned out the ditches, which you can also see.  Big thanks to all of them.

Has anyone got a jet washer?  We need to tackle the paving outside the club house and around the green.  The moss needs removing from between the slabs – we have one tool but bringing your own would help – then cleaning the slabs would be great.  For those handy with a brush, the benches need varnishing and smartening up.

Contact Terry M for assorted green associated tasks – do the numbers need painting?  Please let me know if feel brave enough to tackle the ivy that is taking over the flower beds.

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