Monday 7th May – Mixed Friendly v NPL – Match Report

From Match Captain, David Hale:

                                                            CP                         NPL

Rink 2    Jean Staples                       11                           16

Rink 3    Norman Chart                    22                           11

Rink 4    David Hale                          21                           12

Total                                                    54                           39

This was a win for Cambridge Park. It was nice to see our friends from NPL, having been playing indoors with most of them just a few weeks ago.  The evening start was good, allowing some people who work to play a friendly match in the evening. The weather could have been a little warmer for May, but it was not too bad and the sun was out for most of the evening. On Jean’s rink, Cambridge Park actually won most of the ends but it was by ones and twos, whereas NPL was getting higher scores when they won. Norman’s rink was ahead early on and it stayed that way, whereas David’s rink was neck and neck until the halfway point, after which Cambridge Park pulled away. Still, it wasn’t the scores that were important, it was just a good social game of bowls which was very enjoyable.

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