Sunday 28th April – Mixed Friendly v Masonians – Match Report

From Match Captain, David Hale:

                                                            CP                    Masonians

Rink 4    David Hale                          17                           18

Rink 5    Gym Brown                        17                           22

Rink 6    Ann Halliday                       18                           30

Total                                                    52                           70

This was a lovely afternoon’s game against what proved to be a stronger Masonians side. On my rink, we lost on the last end having led for practically the whole game. Gym’s rink was a close match, but Cambridge Park were just behind for most of the game. Ann’s rink unfortunately got off to a slow start, but was actually a draw for the second half of the match so, underlying, a good recovery. The match was fun and played in a good spirit. The match also had a degree of poignancy for me as my late father used to play for Masonians and in that week would have been his 100th birthday, so I was really pleased to be captain that day and able to share some memories with some Masonian members who were there when he was

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