“Never Give Up and Never Stop Believing in Yourself”

Words from Eve Muirhead when she and Jen Dodds spoke to Clare Balding on the final BBC2 Beijing Olympics highlight programme.

The road to the top is oh, so, so tough.  You learn from losing,  you wonder whether it’s all worth it or whether you should give up your dream?  However, you also learn from your teammates.  You believe in them and they believe in you.  You play together and support each other.  The hard work paid off in these Winter Olympics.

Weren’t all the GBR Curling team members absolutely brilliant?  Bruce Mouat and Jen Dodds have played every day since 2 days before the official start of the Games.  The men’s and ladies’ teams as a whole haven’t exactly been slacking either!  The physical and mental pressure must be as exhausting as each other.  Their families, friends and coaches must be so proud of each and every one of them.  Will they be nominated in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year?  Hope so!

Well done to all of the GBR Olympic team .  It will be hard going back to ‘normal’ life when they return to the UK!

On Twitter, someone suggested that Bowls and Curling take each other on in each of the sports.  Possibly the main problem would be for us bowlers to (a) get down that low and (b) get up again afterwards – that’s ignoring the fact that ice is involved as well!  Any volunteers……..?

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