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2nd Monday of Lockdown.  I hope it starts to warm up a bit, it was jolly cold over the weekend.  Four seasons in four hours in some places!  We are living in a weird world indeed.


We saw Andrew Taylor when the County tour took us to Sussex at the beginning of March.  He is well and enjoying his retirement playing indoors at Wealden and both he and his wife playing at Crowborough during the outdoor season.  He was pleased to see us all, although he had caught up with Laurence and Chris Yelland when Middlesex played Sussex in February.  He sent best wishes to everyone at the Club.

Angie Streetly is in lockdown in Wales – lockdown with Robs and a whole host of chickens and geese which are keeping her well occupied.  They are both well.  She says it’s very quiet and peaceful as the usual array of farm vehicles transporting beet and sheep (presumably independently!) are not around.  Angie keeps up with the CP news from the Facebook page, so do give her a wave if you see her on there!

Gary Cope is on lockdown in Cornwall with his wife, Tom his son, son’s girlfriend and dog, so he says it’s very useful when playing board games and the dog is getting plenty of exercise.  He is awaiting a new hip which is obviously postponed.  He didn’t make the Nationals at Nottingham this year (even if they hadn’t been postponed) but was defending the County Fours title.  His last birthday now entitles him to enter “old fart” (his words not mine) competitions.  Despite the hip, he played a bit of badminton and has volunteered at the Bodmin and Wenford railway and is loving being a trainee signalman!  On a sadder note, his Mum passed away in January.  His aunt will be 97 in July and is determined to get to 100 and a “telegram” from Her Majesty so is very positive! Gary also keeps up with CP news on FB – so don’t be shy in posting info on there.


On another sad note, my aunt – Dorrie Duncan – passed away peacefully at her care home last Tuesday a couple of months short of her 95th birthday.  Elwyn and Dorrie used to run the Saturday EVENING leagues at Cambridge Park.  Wow, that will be a blast from the past for some of you!  Elwyn and Dorrie were members at Isleworth BC and held many positions on the committees there as well as at CP.  They were both excellent bowlers.  Please spare a thought for Wendy and Lynda, her daughters.  Wendy managed to spend Monday afternoon with Dorrie chatting and playing Elwyn’s records as her body slowly shut down.  When you lose your Mum, it’s devastating and I ask you to send a virtual hug Wendy & Lynda’s way.  Needless to say, arrangements for the funeral are somewhat difficult.


The CP phone-a-friend-a-day seems to be working.  You are all brilliant at keeping in touch with each other.  Keep on with this.  We’re in for a bit of a long haul with the lock down but we’ll do it!



PS  Ange is going to start shouting instructions at me for the benefit of all of you for when we get outside.  We’ll let you know when this goes live!

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  1. GRAHAM KELLET says:

    Hi Dawn, I have jaut heard from Frank Lewis daughter that Frank passed away last Saturday. I have asked her yo contact the Bowls Club and you later this week as she lives in France but coming over to the UK later this week to sort things out. I actually spoke to FRANK about ten days ago and he remered all his old bowling friends.
    Graham Kellet.


    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thanks, Graham
      We were very sorry to get Isabel’s email about Frank. He hadn’t been to the club for quite a while but he was quite often mentioned – he had a ready and mischievous quip!

      I hope you can come down to the club soon. We have a Mixed Drive on Saturday (25th) afternoon at 2.00 pm if you either fancied giving your limbs a work out or if you just wanted to come along and see some old friends. (Old as in long time, not necessarily old, although we’re all heading that way!)

  2. GRAHAM KELLET says:

    Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for forwarding sad new about David Bryant. Members may be interested
    on clicking on YouTube to : ‘ THE GREATEST INDOORS BOWL EVER? DAVID BRYANT 1979’ or was it the luckest shot ever?

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