News on Wendy King

Some of you will remember Wendy King (she left at least 11 years ago) and Gerry had news from her daughter.  For any of you would would like to respond, please email Gerry and he will pass your messages on.

Hi guys – first of all thank you for your concern about Mum and secondly, I apologize for not replying sooner.
Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2019. It wasn’t something that she wanted people to know about initially and even now she denies having it!!!! Obviously it’s not something that gets better, only worse. Her macula degeneration is a lot worse now too. Physically she has problems walking and generally getting about because of arthritis in her feet and vascular issues in her legs. So that’s the bad news.
On good days she talks about going back to bowling but in truth that will never happen. On occasion the old Wendy is still there but more often than not that person has gone.
She is still living with us at the moment although I think the time is coming when she will have to go into care. I feel very out of my depth a lot of times, looking after her.
She goes to a day Centre twice a week which she enjoys – when she comes home she never remembers what they’ve done but she knows she’s had a nice time, which is good.
We moved from New South Wales to Queensland last September and have now bought a house here. It has a swimming pool so I try and get her in there as often as possible just so she can exercise. She often complains it’s too cold!!!! Queensland is very hot!!!!
Anyway that’s an update for you all.
I will let her know that you’ve sent emails asking after her, I’m sure she will be very pleased.
I will try to keep you posted with any changes.
Thank you again for being her friends.
Much love

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