Not Quite Men’s v Ladies

With several last minute changes I.e. at 2:00 pm, the game got under way with a mixture of men with ladies.
Teresa’s triple had a great start and, although Gym’s team made up a great deal of ground , they couldn’t catch them up.
On Dawn’s triples. It was a game of two halves as Kevin, Corale & Peter J suddenly found their line and weight on rink 2 and had a very convincing win.
Bob, freshly back from his holidays, put up a full length jack which he promptly ditched with his first bowl!  Steve knew his luck was in!  Lucy’s four kept on battling but needing a 6 on the final end became an impossible task.
Ann B and Andy’s triples took on the very swingy rink 1. Andy got into his stride in the second half and, from what could see, kept creeping in for shot with some cracking bowls!

Good to see new members Wills, Tony & Dan playing and contributing to their various team’s successes. Thanks to Corale and Bernie W coming in at the last minute. We hope the others who were unwell yesterday feel better soon and the red line shows alongside the C rather than the T soon.

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