Olympics News – Badminton

Following yesterday’s post, I had an email from Tony & Shirley O who have been avidly watching the badminton.

Toby Penty …

“The son of a good friends of ours is competing and having won various rounds was playing against the No: 3 seed on Thursday.  Sadly he was beaten but we are all very proud of Toby and how far in the Olympics he got.  Needless to say like every other competitor he has worked very hard to get there.  It is a shame that lesser popular sports do not get the same coverage as others.”

If you look up Toby Penty on BBC Sports – Olympics – you can get the link to re-watch some of his matches – or search on iPlayer.
Thanks, Shirley.  It’s great to know someone playing at that level.  His family must be really proud of him.
I caught the final of the Table Tennis last night.  It’s a different game now to when I was a youth!  WOW!
What else have you been watching?


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