One Final Played, One More Today

What did you think of the Pairs’ Final?  Good to have it on the BBC?  The plus is the overhead ‘target rings’ The first set looked pretty comfortable for Greg & Nick, although the final end of that set when Jason & Michael got the 3 was a bit surprising considering they’d only scored 1 shot up until then!

Although Jason played some brilliant drawing bowls, Michael just seemed to go off (not that bowls a foot from the jack are bad) they just weren’t as close as he was playing in the first set).  Greg was drawing well and Nick had some real crackers, especially that final shot.   Terrific display of accuracy.

Nick & Greg were obviously delighted to be lifting those glass trophies at the end for the thrid time.  Well done to them.

I see Jason is back on the green this morning in the singles.  He’s been drawing well.  A couple of years back, he only seemed to be playing running bowls, which were fine when they were working but it wasn’t what one expected to see!   Two other choice singles matches as well later on with former World Champions in all the ties.

Another final though with Paul Foster & Alison Merrien (last year’s winners) up against Stewart Anderson & Cerianne Glen at 1:00 pm.  Good lunchtime viewing as that is sure to be a tough match so I hope you all get to enjoy it either live or on catch up.


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