Only 44 More Sleeps to Christmas!

What a frightening thought!

The tv ads are coming in thick and fast. I understand John Lewis’ dropped this morning and it’s a tear jerker.

Have you watched any ?

On a lighter (pun intended), it’s 40 sleeps until we start getting more daylight hours. Hooray!

Whilst on lights, car headlights used to face slightly down and to the left unless they were on full beam. Nowadays, the LED lights seem to come out in a straight field which makes them more blinding especially as they are whiter lights. Or is it my imagination?  Kevin L or Andy H – do you know? Does anyone know?

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  1. Andy H says:

    Dawn regarding headlights you are right to a degree, the problem with LED is that a lot of people don’t know how to adjust them to face downwards, the old style the glass would help deflect the beam with LEDS you don’t have that.

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      Thanks, Andy.
      I’m glad I’m not going mad!
      Is there a ‘general’ way to adjust the lights or does each manufacturer have its own way, do you know?
      (Will dig out my car’s handbook for a look.)

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