Outdoor Bowling and Spectators …. until further notice

Afternoon everyone!

Firstly, thanks for looking at the outdoor bowling bookings.  David has been busy.  It would be easier if you could email him, although I appreciate there are a few things it’s easier to ask over the phone.

We should have an online booking system up this week which is really exciting!  Our web host at Bowls-Central is brilliant!

Secondly …..

We have a great place in which it would be easy to sit and watch at the required 2m distance but for the time being, the Bowls England Guidance is quite clear that no visitors or spectators are allowed and the club remains shut although there can be access to a toilet.  (As mentioned in our Guidelines, anything you have contact with as regards handles, flush, seat and taps needs to be disinfected after use.)

We have to abide by the Bowls England Guidelines* so let’s see how the first week or two pan out.  It maybe then that Bowls England update their Guidance Notes (as with the Risk Assessment, these are all “rolling” documents and can be changed as we go forward) and the restrictions are eased again.  That would be good.

Not everyone wants to play.  Some would like to come and watch and enjoy seeing familiar faces and catch up but I’m sorry as we are not allowed to do that yet.

One step at a time.   We have to walk before we can run!

As soon as the next lot of Guidelines come through, we’ll keep you updated.


  • I will move a copy of these to the Covid-19 post in the Members’ Section so everything is in one place.
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