Monday Again – Week 9 or is it 10?

Well, after a flurry of emails and phone calls, the outdoor green opens today.  14 members  have already booked sessions to play.  If you think  you’d like a go, for today please email David Hale  We are just doing the final testing on an online booking system which will work through the Members’ section of the site.  David and the webhost are tweaking even as I type!

I hope some of you managed to get out at the weekend.  The mornings were chilly but by the afternoon, the temperature was good.  Thinking that everyone would be out in the parks etc., I popped down to Richmond Sainsburys only to see the queue about 40 people long, so abandoned that idea.

John D has been out and about spotting CP members lurking in the Woodland Gardens in Bushy Park.  As long as you keep your distance, you can have a chat to one other person not from household.

Last weekend, I spent a bit of time tidying up Rita’s Garden and planted some begonias, petunias and nirene something.   I’m not sure I’ve planted some of  them the right way, so we will have to see.  A few more to go in this week.  At the moment there are a lot of yellow and blue violas and as you can see, the small rose bush in the middle is just beginning to bloom.  The various ducks are keeping a watchful eye from the sign and the neighbourhood robin pops down as supervisor in the hope there might be a few interesting morsels about.  There is also a bluetit nesting in a hole in the wall near the dining room entrance.  Ange report that he and a couple of others were keeping a watchful eye on Scott and her as they weeded and swept the ditches, washed and replaced the mats .  Terry  has set up the rink markers and will turn the green each week, so there’s a good chance of equal play across the whole green.

Rita’s Garden 9th May 2020
Rita’s Garden 17th May 2020
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