Rink Booking Times and Subs

Monday got off to a good start with 6 playing on the first slot and another 4 at midday.    A couple of bookings for today then more again on Wednesday.

You will be pleased to know that everyone understood the guidelines with regards to self-distancing and everyone felt safe, which is the main thing and the bowling was an added bonus!


On to rink bookings.  The time slots are 10.30, 12.00, 1.30, 3.00, 4.30 and 6.30 (the latter to allow for those working to get there!).

Now subs!

It has been agreed by the Board that you will be invoiced for Subs once you have made a booking.

As we  have a slightly later start and it’s all a bit different, members playing this week will be invoiced with a 20% discount i.e. £116 instead of £145 and there is a £12 charge for the Anti-bac Back Pack if you do not have your own disinfectant, 70% alcohol anti-bac hand gel etc.  The bottles are a reasonable size and should last you the season.  It’s at cost price.

Those not starting before July will have the subs pro-rata and will be advised accordingly.  New Outdoor Members will be charged £60 if starting in May or pro-rata if starting later in the season.

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  1. Norman Chart says:

    Is it £150 just for outdoor or both indoor and outdoor as I dont remember it being that amount last year and are we still paying the £10 rink charge and £5 locker fee.

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      It would have been £150 for outdoor only had we not been in this strange world. I hadn’t realised the Board agreed to leave the subs at £145 but you will only need to pay 80% of that i.e. £116. The combined subscription will be adjusted when we know what happens indoors. At the moment there is no indoor bowls so I believe the Board will decide on updated subscriptions nearer the autumn. Any queries on subscriptions, it would be best to speak to Laurence.

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