Happy Birthday to Ann Halliday!

Happy Birthday to Ann H!  What a glorious day for a birthday but it’s a shame it will not be an all-family affair garden party.  Maybe there will be a chance to physicallyl meet up with family for everyone.  There will be a lot of cake and prosecco all round, I’m sure.

After another rubbish sleepless night, I went out at 5.40 am heading towards the Club to water Rita’s Garden before it got very hot – 27C today, I believe.  (The green sprinkler system seemed to have worked well and I didn’t need to do the garden!)

By the time I reached Richmond, having passed only a few runners, there were kayakers and paddle boarders out on the river.  The river was so calm, it was almost mirror-like in places.  The Canadian Geese with their large clutch of goslings were snuggled on the river bank, the blackbirds were out singing and scooting around for the early bird worms.  It was so pretty and would have been idyllic had there not been so many cars and vans out and litter – crisp bags, bottles and cans just left on the ground.  Why, oh why, oh why do people think its not their responsibility to take the rubbish home or even put it in a bin? I’m turning into a grumpy old woman!

On the plus side, nearly every runner cyclist passed on the tow path said “Morning” so that was good!

The green has quite a few bookings today which is good.  Maybe next week more of you would like to venture onto it?  It’s a little bit pushy but it’s swinging.  Bishop Duppas, Sunbury and Masonians are up and running with West Ealing opening on Sunday and Hampton too.

We are approaching Bowls England to see if we can have spectators ie members who aren’t playing outdoors and partners, as we have the space for people to sit 2m apart BUT we have to tow the line for this week and ensure all the safety measures are in place and working for you.  I’m sure BE will be approached by other clubs asking the same thing so maybe the Guidelines will be updated sooner than later.  Let’s hope so.  It would be really lovely to see more of you.  One step at a time though!

Anyone fancy taking up paddle boarding in the meantime?!


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  1. Nadine says:

    Yes, sitting on a bench in the sunshine would be appreciated – having been doing it frequently on my walks ?

  2. Shirley says:

    Hi Dawn

    Tony was out running in Bushy Park at 8.30 a.m. this morning and he said exactly the same as you, on the cricket pitch there were crisp packets, bottles and cans all over.
    Obviously people had gathered there last night to ‘party’ and did’nt bother to take their rubbish home. Thoughtless, inconsiderate and disgusting.

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      The amount of litter has been pretty sparse for 8 weeks. Just hope people start picking it up again and not leaving for the fairies or the crows and magpies!

  3. Jean Staples says:

    I do like seeing your photos of your walks Dawn – early or late!
    Hopefully BE can see sense and allow members to visit their clubs to watch those who wish to roll-up? I personally cannot get any joy from just rolling up at the moment when all competitions etc have had to be cancelled because of this awful Coronavirus. You and Angie have done a great job in getting this started on your own! I’ve more or less written off the outdoor Season but it would have been nice to have had a system of pay when you play as I would have thought that would appeal to all Members !

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