Thursday is Shopping Day!

There were quite a few roll up sessions yesterday and plenty tomorrow and Saturday, but today is clear.  Although I am not Miss Marple, I surmise that today is the day you’re all off to the supermarket or the corner shop to stock up for the week.  Or maybe you are socially-distance meeting a friend or a relative, going out for a drive?   Despite the slight relaxation in the lockdown, it still feels like we’ve been cooped up for months and months, not just two and a bit.  It is very easy to get down in the dumps because we’re now wanting to go back to more normality, but we can’t.  If you feel like this, it’s not just you!  Phone a friend if you can’t get out or, if you can, phone a friend and see if you can meet somewhere at a social distance.  A real human voice is good but sometimes seeing and hearing a friend is better.  Just stay aware and alert and use plenty of common sense when you do go out.

Keep going.  We’re getting through it.

Don’t forget if you want to get a roll up session in, email as you need to book 24 hours in advance.  If you would like coaching from Laurence, which is permissible on a one-to-one basis, please email him on the club email address – to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Way, way back when this all started, you will remember my sock drawer post.  You’ll be pleased to know that it is still neat and tidy and a joy to open every morning (little things please little minds).  I want to apply this to my bulging wardrobe, so all my clothes are going to go through the Marie Kondo Method.  Have you heard of her?

You take every (and she means every) item of clothing out of your wardrobe and one by one you go through them asking if it brings you ‘joy’?  Do you love it or just like it?  If it gives you joy and you love it, keep it and put it back in the wardrobe.  If you just like or actually dislike it, get rid of it – charity, recycling or whatever.  So, this is my plan of action for the weekend.  My difficulty is that I have clothes I have kept for use on stage which are ok.  I don’t necessarily love them but they have been useful for 30s, 40s, 50s amdram productions.  I don’t want to throw them then find I need something for the next play, so I have a bit of a Marie Kondo Conundrum!  Oh joy!




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