Mixed Views Friday

Laurence had a response to a general enquiry about permitting spectators during the sessions but I’m afraid the answer is still “no”, but Alistair Hollis has said that Bowls England will be approaching the DCMS (Department of Culture, Media & Sport) regarding this.  We are aware this is Mental Health Awareness Week and we want to help all our members.  Loneliness is no fun, so if you are feeling down, phone a friend.  Take your own coffee and meet them in a park.  We would prefer it if you would bring your own coffee and meet one friend in the club grounds, but I’m sorry as we just can’t …. yet.

Also from Bowls England is that Pairs’ play is not yet permissible but don’t give up on this yet either!  We may just have to wait another week or so.

David H has been working on the online rink booking system through the Members’ Section of the website.  He’s nearly there.  Our web host has provided this to us for free as one of the first two clubs to try the system out.  We’re very lucky.  We’ll let you know when it’s working but in the meantime, we are very grateful that David is continuing to manage the bookings  david.hale@blueyonder.co.uk

When the new system is up and running, you will notice you can only book rink 1, 2 or 3.  Just because there are only 3 numbers, it doesn’t mean you’ll be playing on the same rink or in the same direction every time!  It just simplifes the booking system for now.


It’s taken me 30 mins to do a 10 minute job.  Has anyone else tried sweeping leaves against the wind?


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