Missed Norman’s Birthday on Saturday – Oops

Bottom of the class for me as I didn’t turn on the computer yesterday so belatedly want to wish Norman a very happy birthday from all of us.  I’m sure there must have been scones with clotted cream and jam (in the Devonshire fashion) with jelly and ice cream plus an odd zoom meet up!

Norman is known as one of Ange’s “special” ones ie no onions!  During lockdown we have discovered that landscape design for sporting challenge events along with sports presenter and commentating are a few of Norman’s hidden talents!  Did you also know he shares a birthday with Paul Gasgoine?  Not sure if that’s good or not!

Sorry, this is late Norman!


Down at the Club, we welcomed a new member  Dave Pitt, as Masonians isn’t quite up and running yet.  Good new for us and we’ll all have to up our game.  The intended singles ladder competition will be interesting.  Laurence is also thinking of running 75 shot competition in league fashion on weekend mornings but he’ll be working the finall details soon.



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