Spring Poem – Just as Spring is Merging into Summer!

Thanks to Linda M’s friend who sent this over on Saturday

Wordsworth in Lockdown:

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
Two metres from the madding crowd,
When all at once my name was called
To enter Waitrose hallowed hall.
This was the pensioner’s special hour
I’d gone to get a bag of flour,
But I forgot -when through the door –
What I had gone to Waitrose for.
The Waitrose staff are extra kind
I told them it had slipped my mind,
They ask what else I had forgot
They clearly thought I’d lost the plot.
I phoned my wife again to ask
She reminded me of this special task
“I need some flour to bake a cake
With all that cream you made me take!”
“Ah yes, I recall” I had to lie,
I dared not ask what flower to buy,
But then I saw them at the tills
A bunch of golden daffodils.


He did well to hang on in the queue.  I saw the one at Hampton Sainsbury’s and decided to give it a miss.   IF I had gone to the queue, my car wouldn’t have been damaged outside my flat by some chaps escaping the police getting in ‘their’ van and scraping my car in their escape.  It seems to be superficial damage so it’s annoying but I was lucky.  In hurtling down the next narrow street in manic fashion, the police car at the other end took a battering and a policeman was badly hurt.

It was fascinating to see the police teams at work.  One said that  burglaries etc had decreased significantly since lockdown but there had been a rise in domestic violence and fraud.  Because of the general downturn, they were able to respond immediately when one of the neighbours saw the suspects jacking up cars and removing items from underneath.  Catching them red-handed was a very good result.  I don’t believe the van belonged to the suspects and it had false number plates.   My insurance underwriters won’t be impressed.  What with moths and this, I wonder what is coming next?!

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