Moving Forward

From today, you are welcome to bring your own drinks/glasses/snacks to enjoy after your roll up.  There are no rubbish facilities available, so whatever you bring, you need to take home again!

The tables, chairs & parasols are up.  Even if you are just spectating, please, please, please disinfect your hands with sanitising gel as this will reduce the risk of spreading the disease across hard surfaces that are touched.  You have all been brilliant with the social distancing so please keep it up even when you’re off the green.  It’s really tempting to step closer and closer but we are still vulnerable.

Looking another couple of weeks forward, we hope to be able to serve drinks from a table “out the back” but we’re not there yet.  Hopefully this can be organised once we have approval to do so.

The first IX v IX – Saturday 13th June

Yesterday’s friendly game v Mike Cooper’s IX was very successful with players from Bishop Duppas, Ashford and Egham making up Mike’s team.  The Gatfield IX had a win on this occasion but, to be fair, we had all (1) being playing ofr nearly a month and (2) being playing on our own green.  Something akin to home advantage!

It SOOOOO good to see lots of people at the club both playing and spectating, so we’re going to do it again and Peter Twells has taken up the IX and will be bringing a team from Chertsey who are not open yet (due to green and council problems) next Saturday afternoon.


Update from Pat P.  Ray’s op was successful on Thursday and he was sitting up in a chair yesterday.  Today he has to start walking.  Please continue to send positive thoughts to both Ray and Pat – for his recovery and her nerves!  It’s not easy for either!

I’m using a hotspot wi-fi and it keeps dropping off every 2 minutes which is really annoying.   Hopefully my new router will arrive tomorrow – it should have been here on Thursday!

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  1. Mike Cooper says:

    Thanks Dawn, we all thoroughly enjoyed the day, and everyone from my IX want to be involved in any future games, and indeed will try to arrange games at their home clubs to which CP will certainly be invited.

    Can I just thank all at CP, Laurence for the initial invitation, the club for making the event happen and Dawn for the lovely cakes.

    Hope to see you all again soon.

    Mike C

    • Dawn Slaughter says:

      We all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon too and glad Laurence organised it.
      Chertsey are on for next week and we have another club interested in coming too.
      We can play safely. That’s the main thing.
      Thanks Mike. x

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