See Through Scrubs – Ooh, Sounds like Carry on Nurse!

Had a funny email from Barbara P who had some sheets ready to be made into scrubs by Jill G‘s U3A group.  Apparently white isn’t any good as it’s see through!  It might make patients laugh which would be good for some but not for all of them!  I never even crossed my mind about that.  So, if you have coloured sheets/duvet covers you don’t need, they will make less revealing scrubs and save a bit of embarrassment.

Well done to Ange & Scott for delivering 14 portions of Beef Stifado around and about today.  I was lucky enough to get a portion for my dinner and it was absolutely delicious.  The two of them have done a brilliant job cooking a meal each week and delivering to ever growing numbers.   That was Ange’s last cook-in for the summer though. Thanks a million to Ange, Scott (and Des giving up the kitchen) for all you have done for the members.  A big round of applause heading your way !

Ron C was pleased to hand over 2 bags of frozen peas on Saturday which the supermarket had delivered in place of 4 cans of mushy peas.  I suppose he could have thawed them then attacked them with a rolling pin?? !  Despite being under the weather a bit,  Ron has picked up the phone and rung a few people – excellent.  Do likewise everyone.  It’s good to talk even if you can’t get out.

Kevin K said all the Hamptonites he had spoken to were well.  I guess more of them as well as us will be venturing out a bit more to get some fresh air and/or talk to friends.  Do not feel bad if the thought of going out scares you.  Going from total lockdown to some freedom of movement won’t be easy.  Some of us have been going out to work (not using public transport) for the last 8 weeks, so we feel more confident in the street, supermarket etc.  We still have to be aware of good hygiene and the physical distancing required though.  There is no reason to be blase at all and handwashing is essential before you go out and after you come back.  Hand gel is also a must but don’t put your hands near your mouth, It tastes absolutely awful!

Ange reminded me that the wonderful Vic Perry (national umpire) was an international speed skater.  I wonder if he was ever up against Gerry?

Keep your news coming in.  It’s good to stay connected until we get on the green again!



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