Ready for Square Eyes?!

The World Bowls Tour started yesterday with some Open Pairs and continues today.

If you have a smart tv or smart phone or internet access to YouTube of Facebook, you can watch live or on playback on YouTube.

Go to YouTube and type in World Bowls 2023.  There are matches on during the day and quite often one in the evening.

The schedule is here

There should be a good match tonight with Wayne Wilgress & Les Gillett taking on Chris Carswell (not our own Chris Caswell!) & John Carswell from Scotland.

They trialled 3 bowl pairs for the last 2 years, but are back to 2 bowl pairs now.  Boy, does that put particular pressure on the lead to be on fire from the off!

With the weather today being somewhat inclement, it looks like a good day to watch some experts on the green.  Enjoy!

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