Saturday 6.18 am. The Sun was Up and the Birds were Singing Away

Actually I hadn’t intended to get up that early although Sounds of the Sixties with Tony Blackburn had automatically clicked on at 6.00 am.  Anyone else like that Radio 2 show?  It’s good to lie there and listen to the music and the 60s humour.

“I bought my wife a fridge for her birthday.  You should have seen her face light up when she opened it”.

Well, I thought it was funny!

My phone beeped but didn’t look at it until after 6.30 am.  The office alarm had triggered and the Chairman is in 12 week lockdown, so I went to sort it.  BT Line fault at 3.10 am – glad he didn’t text then!

If you haven’t seen the update on Brian C, he spoke to both Jane and Terry on the phone yesterday and it is intended to move him to Kingston Hospital this week.  He is taking calls, but best if you contact Jane or Terry to see if there’s a good time to ring him.

It’s a glorious morning again and having spoken to some of you yesterday, you’re busy beavering away in your gardens.  There are going to be some wonderful displays in the summer and I hope we’ll all be able to see them.

Bushy Park seeems to be a popular place for the daily walk or cycle.  I know a couple of you have seen each other and yelled across a 2m physical distance.   Crane Park is also popular for those more in the Whitton area.  As you know from my  FB photos, I can either walk through Syon Park to Brentford Lock or go the other way along with river path towards Richmond.  Many of us are very fortunate that we can get out for daily exercise.  I am sorry if you are still in strict lockdown.  You are safe and that is the main thing.  If you feel lonely, then please pick up the phone and ring me or another member.  Texting is fine, but it’s good to talk.

Norman has done another video – this time he set up a golf course in the garden with various spectators.  Unfortunately the file is too large to put on here but pop over to his or the Cambridge Park Facebook page and you should be able to see it.  I wonder if he’s missed his vocation!

Bob was mending an under-sink leak and Frances was gardening yesterday, as was Ronnie W and Joan O’N, who is going to be overtaken by rhubarb for months as it is growing so well.  Rhubarb used to be used as a purge around Shakespeare’s time, but eating too much is not good for your system so I hope we can help Joan out later on.

Jeanett and Wilma are both well and the NPL network is in good form.   Jeanett said she and Wilma were playing a game -both bought new hoovers – a Shark and a Miele – and both are holding out so they are not the first to open the box.  You see what happens when you spend a lot of time indoors?!  Laurence has his “Felicity” cleaning his flat – she trundles off all on her own around the furniture then takes herself back to the docking station.  Technology can be marvellous!

Dick & Di are enjoying their garden and are catching up on reading.  Any book recommendations out there?

Pat and Barbara are in regular contact and said hello, as do George, Gerry and Reg!  Sheila & John Stocker (see earlier post) play at Pagham BC down in West Sussex.  They are still hoping to come up for a match at Hampton in late July where they played outdoors a few years ago.  Fingers crossed this will be able to happen.  Kevin K said the green looks great from over the hedge!

Stay safe and well.  Handwash for 20 seconds.  Phone-a-friend.  And all the usual things.

“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.”



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