John Dilley – Another Birthday??

A song from a little bird  told me we need to say belated Happy 70th Birthday to John Dilley!  I was going to say you kept that quiet but everyone is having a quiet birthday at the moment.  I know it probably didn’t have the cake, jelly and firewords you had planned but hope you can celebrate later in the year.

Brenda D is busy in her garden whilst Corale is trying to ramble around hers – bit difficult but it’s fresh air.  I wonder how many laps Corale would have to do to complete the number of steps in a normal Saturday ramble?   Answers on a postcard!

Corale sent on some funnies she had received which she thought you all might like

  1. This morning I saw a neighbour talking to her cat.  It was obvious she thought the cat understood her.  I came into my house, told my dog … we laughed a lot!
  2. My body has absorbed so much soap and disinfectant lately that when I pee, it cleans the toilet
  3. I’m so excited, it’s time to take the rubbish out.  What shall I wear?


A per pro 4, I think it’s in Australia that people are dressing up in evening wear or fancy dress to put their rubbish out.  Maybe we could try that too?

Any of you doing an Easter Egg Hunt for partner or family?  Having a go at hiding the eggs then Zoom the family to see if they can spot them, so  you can collect and eat them?  Think I may have lost the plot on that one!

In amongst the fun and laughter which is essential to getting through this together,  we also need to stay positive, so please could you send your thoughts and prayers towards my company’s Financial Director who has been in ICU for a fortnight but has now been put into an induced coma and ventilated.  This is the fantastic NHS giving his body a rest and the best chance of coming through.  He’s tough and determined he’s not going to beaten by this virus and even yesterday sent a text “…. another day in Paradise”.  He has never lost his sense of humour throughout.  It’s hard for us as we’re a small family business but my boss the directors and his accounts team in particular need to be helped to stay strong for Issy, his wife and two teenage boys and the family.  Thanks


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