Saturday Games

Good luck to everyone playing today, whether it be in the Club match v Iver Heath or in the Middlesex County Indoor Finals.  Enjoy.

Oh, and don’t be fooled by the early morning absolutely glorious sunshine.  It’s only 2C at the moment.  Hopefully rising to 10C later on.

For those of you and your family who have tested positive with the dreaded C, stay hydrated, rest up and we’ll see you when your LTF shows negative.  There are highlights from The Masters on BBC 2 at 9.:30 this morning but it’s definitely live on Sky Golf later. Great Expectations is on BBC2 at 2.00 pm.  It has a 5 star rating .  I’m sure there is a lot of football and rugby to view as well once you’ve prepared something that was made on Saturday Morning Kitchen or by the Hairy Bikers or Ainsley Harriott!  Plenty of entertainment for all tastes even before you’ve looked at the radio schedule!

Addendum. I forgot about the Grand National later. Peter Twells is playing at midday today, so if you want any tips ask him before 11.45!

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